Parts and code for the XYZ rail for Z-stacks, macro panoramas and gigapixel macro

The STL files and code for the control box of the XYZ macro rail described in my blog are now available at and I would reiterate that I cannot help further. It is a fairly advanced project requiring some knowledge of C++ and the use of Arduino’s. There is huge room for improvement of the code. In particular, it needs rebuilding using a stepper motor library rather than as at present with crude direct control of the EasyStepper boards. I would be very pleased to see someone rewrite the code. If someone does, please send me your changes! However, as it is the code works and allows the features described in the 3 articles on it in my blog (above – use the search facility).

About petermobbs

A tinkerer and maker of 'things' who loves macrophotography and the natural world. Retired scientist and former Chair of Physiology, Dean of Preclinical Medicine and Dean of Life Sciences at UCL, now enjoying the beauty of the Gresigne in South West France
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