A new web site for macro and insect lovers!

Having spent a year getting the house here in the Tarn ready, and building a new workshop, I finally got round to  building a website with my own domain name – www.petermobbs.com. The subject of the web site is, “Musings on the French countryside, photography, science, and the meaning of life”. It has some of my ‘bad macro’ pictures of some of the beautiful things to be found here in the Tarn, France. By ‘bad macro’, I mean handheld photos taken without a flash of things that move about and that thus are never absolutely pin sharp! So, ‘bad macro’ is a phrase I use to describe the photography I do aimed at catching as many images as I can of the creatures and plants that fascinate me – a sort of nature notebook. I can put my wonderful micro 4/3rds camera in my pocket along with my 60mm macro lens and wander and wonder without the encumbrences of tripods, flashes etc. I save photography with a strobe and other gubbins for other occassions – I love both sorts of photos but a pocketable setup is hard to beat sometimes. Take a look!




About petermobbs

Inveterate meddler.
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